Volvo 740GLE Saloon

modified from
Revell Kit 7292

The Revell kit before assembling

Kit bought from: Jean-Marc Perreault of The Official Parts Yard in Canada
Tailor-made decal bought from: Paul Robson of Paul Robson Models in the U.K.

Bodywork before and after repainting

The sunroof has been filled by putty and the body has been painted to matching colour.

Windscreen wipers and Rear-view mirrors

Windscreen wipers were moved to the right side for right hand driving.

New rear-view mirrors replaced the kit-supplied mirrors.
Windscreen is tinted in green and sticked with labels.

Fog lamps in front spoiler removed.

Right Hand Drive Dashboard

Left hand drive dashboard has been cut into 4 pieces and reassembled for right hand driving.

Matching the right hand drive mode, braking system was moved from the left to the right inside the engine room.

Superb interior

Key accessories were added such as Indoor Temperature Gauge, Rear Brake Light Bar, and Baby on Board sign.

Finally completed

The kit was finally completed on Saturday, 20 April 2002.

Monday, 28 October 2002