Volvo City and Volvo Accessories

Volvo City (Volvo Bil I Goteborg AB)

Volvo City is reachable by Bus 27 or Bus 28. Get off the bus after the Volvo Headquarters Bus Stop. Inside the Volvo City, you can find a number of new and pre-owned vehicles as well as accessories.

However, the accessories and spart parts are available at the shop on the other side of the main road. The address is "Volvo City, 405 31 Goteborg" and the telephone number is 031/3250148. The staff at Volvo City are pleased to show you the direction to that shop.

Volvo Accessories (Volvo Bilia Personbilar AB)

At the Volvo Accessories, Touch-up Pencil and Touch-up Spray are available by specific colour codes. For example, my S70 is in Venetian Red. The colour code is 445. And, I have bought a set of a 18ml Venetian Red with a 18ml Clear Laquer at SEK 67.00 including 25% tax. The part number of this set is 9437329.

Another accessory shop is in the city centre of Goteborg. The address is "Spannmalsgatan 16, 411 05 Goteborg" and the telephone number is 031/616810. It locates at Section 7 of the shopping complex of Nordstadstorget near the Central Station.

Saturday, 27 July 2002