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Welcome to my web page of VOLVO Trucks & Buses, it is my pleasure to share with you all about Scale Models and Web Sites related.

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Available Scale Models
Photo Great Trucks/Buses Scale Model Maker Article No.
Volvo Trucks
Volvo FH16 (1998) Globetrotter (Radio Controlled) 1:14 Tamiya 56312
Volvo FH16 (1996) Globetrotter 1:24 Italeri 735
Volvo FH16 (2000) Camouflage Military Truck 1:72 Kentoys 55115
Volvo FH16 (2000) Globetrotter Blue Volvo Logo Reefer Trailer 1:72 Kentoys 55115
Volvo FH16 (2000) Globetrotter Volvo B5244S Engine Trailer 1:72 Kentoys 55115
Volvo FH16 (1998) Globetrotter Iceland Reefer Trailer 1:87 Herpa 186704
Volvo FH16 (1994) Rigid Tractor 1:87 Herpa 143233
Volvo FH12 (1996) Globetrotter Galliker Altishofen Reefer Trailer 1:87 AWM 58411
Volvo FH12 (2002) Globetrotter 1:50 Hongwell 565
Volvo FH12 (2002) Globetrotter 1:87 Herpa 149365
Volvo FM12 (2000) Globetrotter Der Baustarke Kogel Bulk Trailer 1:87 AWM 4084.21
Volvo FL10 (1996) Wrecker (Citybus) 1:76 80M Model 88002
Volvo FL10 (1996) Landhof Truck and Trailer 1:87 Roco Nil
Volvo F16 Q8 Truck Racing Team Transporter 1:87 Albedo Nil
Volvo F88 Deutrans Tractor and Tank Trailer 1:87 Herpa Nil
Volvo NH12 Globetrotter XL Curtin Wombat 1:50 Hongwell 565
Volvo Buses
Volvo 9900 Coach 1:87 AWM 11602.01
Volvo Olympian Alexander 11m Double Decker(Citybus) 1:76 Corgi 45005a
Volvo B10M Van Hool Alizee (Citybus) 1:76 Corgi 42707
Volvo B55 Ailsa Single Door (CMB) 1:76 ABC Models 000701
Volvo B55 Ailsa Dual Doors (CMB) 1:76 ABC Models 000601
Volvo Super Olympian Alexander 3000th Double Decker (KMB) 1:76 Drumwell DW10302
Volvo B9TL Wright Euro V 2-Axle (KMB Old Livery) 1:76 CARS 92102
Volvo B7R Sunwin (Shanghai Shen Xin) 1:76 Creative
cnbus 1008
Volvo B10M Plaxton Excalibur Oxford Citylink 1:76 Corgi 43803

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